Sunday, October 11, 2015


Good advice is eating us alive.

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Play more. Learn this. Master that. Volunteer there. Contribute more. Save more. Read more. Arrive earlier. Stay later. Get more exercise. Spend more time with the family. Eat right. Eat less. Eat more often. Smell the roses! Invest wisely. Vote. Prioritize. Hurry! But be careful. 

I cannot keep up. Can you?

When the failure to keep up signifies being left-behind, the unjust consequence is, often enough, self-destructive thoughts and behavior.

The solution? Oh, please.

Instead of looking for a solution, try remembering. What was it that you set out to do in life? Have you done any of that recently?

Did you fall short? Falling short isn’t failure. It is how we know that we have something more to learn; it means another chance to grow. 

Why waste your good heart and mind listening to negative internal and external voices?  There isn’t another person on earth capable of walking the exact same path as you have. Not one.

By the way, have you remembered to thank the marvelous folks who helped you along the way? What about the big meanies – the nasty people that forced you to prove them wrong? Have you stopped to appreciate the incredible people who have chosen to challenge themselves on paths parallel to your own?

Must you really be the first or the fastest? Isn’t the point just to make yourself the master of your circumstances? To own them (and discard them) as opposed to being overrun by them?

Hello! Because of you, the lives of untold thousands have more meaning. You listened to their ideas. You ate the food they helped make possible, travelled to places that they built. You listened to their music. You purchased, used and benefited from the results of their hard work, their commitment. And now you have done the same for me.

You are terrific. Don’t get over it.

Photo: Two of six figures from Auguste Rodin's Burghers of Calais (1884-95). 

Glenn Scott Michaels
October 2015

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